Artichoke and Little Jug


I needed to do a still life after doing so many landscapes. It’s the yin and yang of my painting. When I do still life, I can be calm and contemplative, while landscapes are about excitement and movement. I tried to stay juicey with my brushstrokes. I bought some “Flemish White” paint from Utrecht, and I love it for the highlights and scumbling! It’s ropey and luscious, but not as good for mixing. For that I’m still using my cremnitz white mixed with titanium. I also like Gamblins’ “Radiant White” for a bright white. I’m using Irby Browns’ palette and colors. He uses the Utrecht brand, and like all company’s, their mixtures are unique and takes some getting used to. I have been using different brands. When I studied with Maurice Loriaux, and David Leffel they used Phalo blue, but Irby uses Ultramarine blue. I was used to Old Holland Cadmium red light, where a dab ‘l do you, but with Utrecht Cad. red light you need a little more, and the shade is different too. After I get the technique down, then I’m sure I will settle into certain brands for certain colors, and no doubt go back to some of my favorites.


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