Santa Fe in Spring


Along with the Apricot blossoms, come the wind in Santa Fe. I was out walking when I saw this scene, well, sort of. A strange thing has been happening when I’m painting. I start a scene, and then all of the sudden my imagination changes the picture, and I end up putting in things that aren’t there, or taking things out that are. There was a rock wall in front of the adobe house, and lots of dark shadows from the trees across the street. Then I saw the scene without all that, and painted out the wall and shadows. Then I made a low gate a door and decided to put in a nitcho. The main thing I wanted to say was how beautiful the tree was, and all that other just detracted from it. I had a good time of it, but it’s also difficult to imagine the light on these things. What an adventure! To buy this painting, go to  Thanks for looking!



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