Irby’s Secret Sauce



I am enjoying the painting every day challenge, although life gets in the way sometimes. But there are people I love that need attending to. Just got back from Irbys’ . He reviewed this little painting for me. I love when the sun shines on the foreground and it is stormy in the background. So dramatic! I never have my camera with me when that happens though, so I took a photo I had taken, and used my imagination to make it so. Irby said that when he was in school, they were very much against using cameras, and called them a “one eyed liar.” Because the camera never sees things the way we do. So Irby didn’t use his camera for the first ten years of his painting. He said that because of that he is able to ‘see’ the painting and make adjustments. Mostly editing things out that are superfluous to the composition, or rearranging things. He is a strong believer in going out on location often, because then you can’t rely on the camera, and it teaches you to paint with intention.

I learned another thing from Irby today! He got out this bottle of stuff, shook it and started using it as a medium. Up until now I thought that he only used Gamblin Galkyd mixed with a little odorless turp. But this was a medium he makes using Gamblin liquid wax medium, mixed with Galkyd, thinned to taste with a little odorless turp. I asked him why he likes it, and he said that it sets up faster and stays shiny while you’re using it. I use Old Master’s Maroger mainly, which sets up fast but is expensive. I plan on trying this medium as soon as Artisan’s gets more wax medium in.

I also painted a rose today in 45 minutes, trying to make strokes and leave them alone. It came out Ok, but needs improvement.



One thought on “Irby’s Secret Sauce

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