Painting a day, and night


Pearls and Pink Ranunculus

I got this beautiful pearl collar from Ebay. It was made in China, and the woman who made it also sent me some beautiful earrings too, as a gift. I love Ranunculus, with their graceful curving stems. The season is just beginning. Life is busy, and I didn’t start the set up until around 10:30 yesterday, and when 5:00 PM came around I called my husband to say I would be home late. I got home at 2:00 AM with this. I’m trying to make the brushstrokes more gestalt, and leave them alone. Then I make a beautiful brushstroke, and it’s the wrong value. But I had a wonderful time. Night is a good time to paint, it’s quiet and there aren’t the interuptions that there are in the day. My good lamps that imitate daylight work well. Thanks all, and have a grand day!


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